Custom Builds

Redwing Custom Built Rods For Sale

Each Redwing Rod is a Specific Design and Inspiration, Drawn Around a “purpose Built” Desire to Be Anything but Standard or Normal!

I hand plane and try to keep the use of power tools to an absolute minimum. The more I am in touch with the materials, the more I get a sense of the individual rod, and it’s own demands. I believe each rod has a voice that helps me direct it to the collaboration of purpose and outcome. The more hands-on, the better!

If you see a rod here that has been sold, another can be made to order the same as the original or as you would like.

Redwing Fly Rods


Redwing Fly Rods   11 ft. 4in., 3/1, # 7,8 line( standard line) #9 Spey line. Total weight 9.5 oz.  Spliced ferrules, super flor grade cork , NS down lockseat with Baltic  Splated maple insert. Gunstock oil finish with root beer agate ,NS stripper, English twist snakes for more open line movement. Designed to maximize the taper, flex , power ratio. Bag and tube.

$ 795.00    ​ 6 week turn around!

Redwing Fly Rods 8ft. 6 in. #5 , "Semi Parabolic Taper " ​new!

Redwing Fly Rods  8ft.  6 in. 3/2, # 5 line, hand planed, new build. Semi parabolic taper with a moderate flex for many situations. Darker flamed cane with 3x3 node spacing, agate stripper with super "Z" type blued ferrules, dark brown wraps, flor grade cork with walnut burl cap and ring seat and walnut butt cap and genuine spar varnish. Finer tip calibrations for tippet protection. With bag and tube.

​$ 695.00

Redwing Fly Rods 9 Ft. " Type Garrison Steelhead"

Redwing Fly Rods  9ft.  3/2, # 6/7 line, 5.6 oz. Type Garrison #228- Steelhead. My work with the great Garrison taper; dark shafts impregnated seat with cap and ring with fixed extension rubber butt, agate stripper. A pleasant confident taper; smooth at 60 ft. and perfect for steelhead and light salmon. Built for cold water as the cane is treated before varnishing. Easy casting across and up for Spey flies and larger nymphs and sinking tips etc.

$ 795.00