Redwing Fly Rods
The bamboo is waiting for the

wind to touch it!

I Build, Design, & Restore Custom Bamboo Fly Rods

At Redwing Fly Rods, I build a series of bamboo fly rods. I offer custom gunstock restoration using British bespoke finishes.

Redwing Fly Rods
Redwing Fly Rods

Handmade Fly Rods With Finely Tuned Tapers

Redwing Fly Rods designs and restores bamboo fly rods. I also offer new build bamboo fly rods for sale and cane repair. All the products are made in Wisconsin, USA. I specialize in new building projects, historical restorations, and complete repairs in cane, glass, or graphite.


Redwing Fly Rods

“Artists require a variety of paints and brushes to perform their craft. Fly fishers require a variety of rods to perform their craft on streams and lakes. The Redwing “Combo” rod is the perfect “one tube” rod for fishing multiple types of water.
The 8 1/2 ft. rod using the #5 line effortlessly and accurately allows casting to 50 ft. The # 6 tip will easily lift 50 ft.out of the water and replace the cast to target with ease as advertised. With its smooth parabolic taper you spend more time fishing rather than trying to make the rod work for you. I also like to fish small streams here in Utah. The 6 1/2 ft. rod ; assembled from the mid and tip section is perfect for these fine waters. Casts of 15 to 25 ft. are the norm and here this rod possesses that capability with grace and accuracy. The cane used in the combo rod is superlative, blended with quiet wraps and comfortable grips-- a pleasure to own!”

~ Jeff Braman