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New And Vintage Rod Sales and Consignments

Gene Edwards 8 1/2 ft. # 4/5 line for A&F

Gene Edwards 8 1/2 ft. 3/1, #4/5 line, classic Eastern dry fly action. Light to the touch with precise casting characteristics. All original made for Abercrombie & Fitch the Favorite model; grade fine. Excellent original condition; cork is as original best left uncleaned, with original bag. Built with the first quality cane and finished with strict adherence to flawless precision.

​$ 295.00

F. E. Thomas, Special 9 ft. circa 1915-1920

F. E. Thomas Special 9ft. 3/2, Original historic rod 1915 / 20, in original condition. English twist guides; no stripper just snake guides, (very early). Cap and ring with all original red silks tipped black. Original cork; never cleaned; thus, it is not ridged; perfect ferrule fit and all straight and sound. Tips each down 1 1/2 in (doesn’t affect the action one bit). With the original bag and tube. Very few of these early long and light Thomas’s exist.

$ 415.00

Redwing Fly Rods “type Young Driggs River” 7 Ft. 2in. #4 Line New!

Redwing Fly Rods” Type Young Driggs River” 7ft. 2in. , 2/1 ( made that way).  # 4 line. My rendition of the high Young taper with a few small adjustments for a crisper and more accurate targeting. This one is lightly used and has been traded back for a longer Parabolic of mine. Lightly flamed medium pre-embargo cane, all cork seat with rings, variegated silk wraps, light wire snakes, super “Z” type ferrules. Perfect small stream rod with enough punch for wind and longer casts if needed. With bag.

​$ 375.00